Circle of Independent Learning Charter School

4700 Calaveras Avenue, Hyman Building, Fremont CA 94538






      As described in our charter and mission statement, COIL will assess the success of its individualized educational non-classroom plans with multiple assessment toolsWe are also required to provide annual standardized tests to all of our students by the State of California. As a personalized learning charter school, we could easily lose our charter by not meeting this requirement.
     Please support COIL as we encourage all students to participate in the appropriate assessments listed below to provide academic information about the student and statistical data concerning individual growth and to fulfill state regulations.

      Individual Assessment

·  Pretests in areas of  Math, Phonics, Reading Fluency and Comprehension, Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences.
·   Annual Scantron Performance Assessment - Required

·  Frequent Projects, profiles, content tests

·  Annual STAR Testing - Required

·  High School Exit Exam - Required

·  Biannual assessment of standards in report form.

        Schoolwide Assessment
·        Annual Parent Surveys









Last Modified on February 27, 2014