• Community Service Opportunities
    "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."
    Mahatma Gandhi. 
    There are opportunities all around in your local community to serve. Remember, 40 community service hours are required for high school graduation. 
    Here are some ideas of places to look to volunteer:
    • Help the less fortunate by contacting your local food bank, thrift store, or homeless shelter.
    • Love animals? Contact your local animal shelter or rehabilitation center.
    • Work with kids by contacting your local homeless shelter or preschool/daycare center and see if they are in need of tutors, etc. Call sports little leagues to inquire if they need help in their snack shack, umpiring, or field maintenance. 
    • Help the Elderly by visiting your neighborhood senior center.
    • Improve your community by contacting an environmental club to see if their are needs picking up trash or beautifying an area in your neighborhood.
    • Experience working in a shop or museum by contacting your local thrift shop, museum, or other non profit store.
    • Interested in a medical career? Your local hospital/clinic may need you!
    • Love books and the library? Contact yours for volunteer opportunities.

    Looking for other places to volunteer? Check http://www.volunteermatch.com or https://www.justserve.org for more opportunities!