•  Coil Charter School



    The primary purpose of the COIL Governance Council is to provide guidance and support to the COIL staff, as the team works toward the implementation of the goals described in the school mission and charter plan.

    The Council will function as a site based decision-making body, meet monthly and be responsible for charter accountability and modifications, evaluating the effectiveness of the charter school. The charter council will meet once each semester collectively, with all parents, to ensure parent input and recommendations. General program goals, including educational climate, flexibility, growth and community interaction will be assessed at this time. The Council will also encourage the current parent organization to remain an active element in the charter school.

    At least one member of each council faction (parents, community and teachers) must be present for all votes. All decisions of the council will be the result of a majority vote. Modifications in the charter will be proposed by the charter school to the FUSD Board of Education at any board meeting after the charter school parents/staff have approved the modifications.


    The COIL Governance Council consists of:

    • Three parents nominated by the Governance Council and confirmed by the school parents and one alternate. Parent candidates must attend at least one Governance Council meeting and have a student(s) enrolled at COIL for at least one year before seeking Governance Council member candidacy. In case of students graduating midyear from COIL, parent members may remain council members until the end of the school year. Parent members of expelled COIL students must resign at the time of expulsion.
    • Three teachers elected annually by the COIL teaching staff from the three grade level factions of COIL: elementary (grades K-5), middle school (grades 6-8) and high school (grades 9-12).
    • No less than one, no more than three community members at large, appointed by the Council.
    • The school director, nonvoting member.


    Conflict of Interest

    Conflict of Interest issues will be avoided by the following provisions in this policy:


    • Full Disclosure – All board members and staff members will be required to alert the board concerning any connections with groups doing business with the school on an annual basis.
    • If a conflict of interest is identified, any involved board member must abstain from discussion and voting on any matter that might affect the transactions between COIL and the other organization.

    Any staff member who has an actual or potential conflict will abstain from decision-making concerning the transaction.   



    • When openings arise, nominations for parent members will be taken from the community at large. Members will be appointed by the council and confirmed by the parent community.
    • Teacher members will be elected by the COIL staff.
    • Community members are appointed and serve for an indefinite term and fulfill the membership requirements.


    Membership Criteria

    The following guidelines, in support of the Brown Act and the COIL Confidentiality/Conflict of Interest statements are required for all COIL.

        Governance Council Members:

    1. Attend all governance meetings.
    2. All communications within the Council, school and community must be in line with the COIL school vision.
    3. COIL Council business will be discussed only within the open council meetings, or closed meetings, if warranted.
    4. All members and guests must speak with respect to other members during and outside meetings. 
    5. Only personal communications are permissible between council members outside of open meetings. 
    6. No discussion of policies or procedures is permissible.  All components of the Confidentiality/Conflict of Interest statements must be upheld.

    COIL Governance Council members will be released from membership, following a warning, if the member misses more than two meetings during the year and/or does not meet one or more of the above criteria.



    Officers shall include the President, Vice President, Secretary and various committee heads.

    All Governance Council officers will be elected during the 2nd meeting of the school year. These officers and their duties are:

    President: Participates in meeting agenda development and conducts the meetings.

    Vice-president: Maintains the Governance Council Member binders and conducts meetings in the absence of the President.

    Secretary: Takes and keeps the minutes at each meeting and provides clean copies to the council.



    COIL Governance Council Meetings are run according to “Brown Act” principles. The President will distribute the agenda and direct the meetings. Minutes will be kept at each meeting and available for review on site each month.


    Notification of Meetings

    Each monthly meeting agenda will be sent via email loop and posted on the parent board, to all COIL families 72 hours prior to each meeting. Printed copies of the agenda will also be available on the COIL website.  


    Content of Meetings

    Each meeting will include:


    • Budget update
    • Fundraiser Approval
    • Student Council Report
    • Current Issues/Concerns of school community
    • Long Term Planning





    SCHOOL YEAR _______________

    I, ____________________________________________, as a COIL Governance Council Member for the school year, acknowledge my responsibility to represent the COIL vision and all components of the school -- parents, students and teachers in all matters. I further agree to attend all Governance Council meetings, participate in discussions and vote always for the interest of the entire school population. I further agree to meet the following membership criteria:


    1. All communications within the council, school, and community must be in line with the COIL school vision.  
    2. COIL Council business will be discussed only within the open council meetings, or closed meetings, if warranted.  
    3. All members and guests must speak with respect to other members during and outside meetings.
    4. Only personal communications are permissible between council members outside of open meetings. No discussion of policies or procedures is permissible.

    I waive my right to vote on any issue that may be a Conflict of Interest. I understand Conflict of Interest to be defined as any expenditure of school funds that could financially benefit me, my family or business organization.

    I further agree that I will not share any information discussed during a closed-session meeting, concerning a COIL staff member, student or parent with anyone outside the Council. I also agree that discussion of items requiring confidentiality will be limited to closed meetings and not discussed amongst members out side the Council meeting, even after I have completed my term as Governance Council member. 


      Signature _____________________________________       Date  __________



    All Grievances at COIL will be heard according to the Dispute Resolution Policy included in the COIL Handbook. Once the COIL Dispute Resolution steps have been completed, without satisfaction of one or more of the involved parties, a Closed Governance Council meeting may be requested according to the following criteria and process. This Closed process guarantees confidentiality for all parties and will be administered according to The Brown Act Regulations.

    Reserved for the following issues:


    1. Personnel issues concerning a specific employee.
    2. Any grievance directed toward a specific COIL employee.
    3. Any issue in which any member of the COIL community will be discussed by name or questioned or any contract placement.


    Who will call the meeting?

    1. Unless the grievance has been filed against the COIL director, the director will contact all Council members and inform them that time has been added to the next board meeting to allow for the closed meeting. The director will also share a brief confidential summary of the grievance with the Council members.
    2. If the grievance concerns the director, the director will alert the Council chairperson, who will arrange the closed session with the Council members.
    3. At the beginning of the school year, a community Council member will be designated as the facilitator of closed meetings in those cases when the Chairperson and director are involved, this unbiased, third party, member will call and facilitate the meeting.


    Who will run the meeting?

    1. The person who calls the meeting. This person will be respected as the meeting facilitator.


    Who will attend the meeting?

    1. A Council Quorum as defined in the Governance Policy.
    2. Those members facing a conflict of interest issue from these proceedings will be excused.
    3. All persons involved in the grievance.


    Guidelines for running the meeting:

    • All attendees will be treated with respect and agree beforehand that the decision will be accepted.
    • Each involved person will be allowed a timed opportunity to share concerns.
    • Involved parties will leave the closed meeting and the remaining Council members will discuss the issue and make a decision within 24 hours. All discussions during this process will be confidential.
    • Those parties involved in the closed meeting will receive a written response within 24 hours.
    • Confidential minutes will be kept of the proceedings and confidentiality will never be broken.