• Circle of Learning

    COIL students have the unique opportunity to participate in a "circle of learning" with the parent/guardian being the primary home educator and onsite support from an accredited advisory teacher and subject-specific labs. 

    To broaden the "circle of learning", high school students are able to take concurrent enrollment classes through local colleges to earn high school and college credit at the same time. High school students are also able to gain essential knowledge needed to prepare for future jobs through classes at Mission Valley ROP.


    Fremont Unified School District students can participate in our Split-Day program. 

    Split-Day is defined as participating in additional courses at other public or private instructional institutions. These additional Split-Day course offerings are as follows and apply to the noted grade levels:

    1. Taking courses at a student's school of residence within the Fremont Unified School District (grades 7-12)

    2. Participating in Regional Occupational Programs (ROP) through the Mission Valley ROP (MVROP) (grades 9-12) or at their local high school upon space availability

    3. Taking courses at a local community college (grades 9-12)

    4. Taking courses through a privately funded course provider as verified by a transcript and associated accreditation (grades 7-12)


    See your advisory teacher for more information.