• The Circle of Independent Learning Story

    In 1998, two very passionate Fremont Unified School District teachers had a vision of a ground-breaking idea in education. What if we design a non-classroom based charter school that focuses on the unique bent of genius in every student? A school where every student has a personalized educational plan tailored just for him or her--an educational plan that enhances the abilities of the student, provides a systematic strengthening of the areas of weakness and is created with input from the student, their parent and the credentialed teacher? An education that truly assists students in becoming creative, lifelong, self-motivated thinkers and learners.
    Those teachers acted on their vision of a different kind of public education for all students in grades K-12, and petitioned Fremont Unified School District to authorize Circle of Independent Learning (COIL) as an independent study charter school with its own self-governing board. This relationship with FUSD has continued since that time in providing options for students and their educational needs in Alameda County and any adjoining county.
    COIL continues today with the same passion thanks to a group of highly qualified credentialed teachers, staff, parents, students and community members who work collaboratively together.
    The teachers’ role at COIL is very unique. It departs from the traditional role of lesson planning which includes classroom instruction and presentation in that COIL teachers are resource and curriculum specialists, mentors, counselors and advisors. In addition, they teach on-site classes for students that include science labs, math, French, music, art, mock trial, robotics, leadership, career exploration and more. Educational field trips are also planned for students and parents to enjoy what our community has to offer while reinforcing learning being done in the home.
    COIL is funded by state tax dollars and governed by applicable Federal and California State Charter-School and Independent Study laws. COIL is sponsored by Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) and governed by a Governance Council comprised of parents, community members, and teachers. COIL is accredited through the Accrediting Commission within the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).  WASC is a professional organization that periodically reviews the accreditation of its member schools.