The Circle of Independent Learning is designed, through personalized learning, to reach the unique bent of genius in each of its students. This personalized education plan will be developmentally appropriate for each student, designed for the student's particular bent of genius. While the plan will enhance the strengths of the student, it will also provide a systematic strengthening of his area of weakness. Our school plan will enable students to become literate, self-motivated life-long learners, academically prepared for the 21st century.

    To ensure that COIL’s school-wide goals are met, the following criteria have been established for a student to graduate with a high school diploma from the Circle of Independent Charter School with no less than 25 units having to be completed at COIL beginning with graduates of 2016:

    1. COIL students will complete 210 credits in the following coursework required for graduation.
    2. COIL students will investigate their interests as they explore the arts, humanities, and other electives
    3. COIL high school students will examine their interests and strengths and apply this study to learn about college and career options
    4. COIL high school students will complete 40 hours of documented community service
    5. Technology proficiency will be incorporated into course work and objectives