• Colleen Trinko
    Name:  Colleen Trinko
    Grade Levels:  4-8
    Phone: 510-797-0100, ext 29305

    I've been a teacher at COIL since Fall of 2007.  I believe that developing a love of reading when a student is young is likely to result in a lifelong reader and a lifelong learner.  So my students read "fun" books (defined as a book chosen by the student and, of course, approved by the parent) regularly.  Furthermore, my students all know that I love math.  I try to help them see that's it's really do-able and might even be fun! Since I spent a decade homeschooling my own five children, I have a lot of experience with how to be an effective independent study home educator. Working with COIL students and their parents, and seeing the students thrive as they're using appropriate curriculum, has been very rewarding.