• Parent Club
    The COIL Parent Club supports the home school experience for all the families of COIL. All parents and legal guardians of COIL students are member of the COIL Parent Club.
    The COIL Parent Club is a volunteer group that sponsors projects and events for our school. The Parent Club receives revenue from fund raising sources, such as Safeway, Lucky's, Food Maxx, Target, Raley's, recycling programs for ink cartridges and cell phones, as well as other on-site fund raising programs like COIL BINGO and bake sales. This money is used to enrich our students' experience at COIL through field trips, classes like Mock Trial and school-wide activities such as COIL's Beginning of the Year Picnic, Fall Fun Day and Winter Craft Day.
    We meet monthly to plan field trips, learn new teaching concepts, share ideas and benefit from each others' struggles and triumphs.
    We accept requests from all of the COIL teachers and staff. As a group we review each idea and decide if we will be able to support it. Final decisions are made by the voting Parent Club Board.
    The Parent Club has contributed to many great programs at COIL over the years, such as Poetry Cafe, Mock Trial, leadership training, science camp, Young Authors, STAR Testing, potluck gatherings, the COIL yearbook, several student and parent activities, and many other enriching and meaningful events and opportunities.
    If you are interesting in being a part of the COIL Parent Club, please email coilcharter@fremont.k12.ca.us.