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    UPDATING GOOGLE PASSWORDS: Google is forcing many FUSD/COIL students to change their password for Google Apps for Education. Google is identifying users with shorter passwords, and wants the users to develop longer, more complex password. This action by Google is affecting users across the country.

    Technology at FUSD is asking these users to use our District password change site at: https://sso.fusdk12.net. Using this district site, students will be changing both their Google password and their FUSDK12 network password, keeping those passwords in sync.
    1. Go to https://sso.fusdk12.net
    2. Have the student login with username (usually six letters and three numbers (do not include @fusdk12.net)
    3. Current Google password.
    4. After logging in, they will see their account information. Click on Change Password.
    5. The first entry is their current password. The next two boxes are for their new password. Then click on Change Password.
    FUSD/COIL recommends passwords at least 8 characters in length. Passwords should include:
     both upper-case and lower-case letters (case sensitivity)
     one or more numerical digits
     special characters, such as @, #, $
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